Patrick M Murphy

Describing Patrick's humble beginning and where life has taken him.

Early Life

A.L.I.E.N. Productions founder Patrick M. Murphy, has a long history in the entertainment business, having started out as a ballet dancer at the age of three.

“I really did not have much of a say about my career in those formative years as my parents owned a large Costume shop in Cincinnati Ohio and it was a natural progression to be on stage.”

“Being the centre of attention seemed to fit me and it goes on to this day.”

Patrick M. Murphy

Magic of Screen

His first movie break came in the 1963 production of The Magic of Rainbow Forest alongside well known Cincinnati television personality Glen Ryle, affectionately remembered as – The Skipper.

Patrick teamed up with Jean Anne Ryan for an adagio dance act and they were featured around the Cincinnati area until a racing boat accident made lifting the adorable Jean Anne over his head impossible.

She has gone on to her own unparalleled heights of international acclaim as a Choreographer and is based in Ft Lauderdale Florida.

Island Life

Retrieving and restoring World War II fighter planes led him to the Solomon Islands where he established the World War II Museum for the Government with well known entertainer Dominic Otuana.

Patrick began his film making career in the jungles shooting documentaries on missing World War II aircraft, crews, and the war’s impact on the Solomon Islands.

Mr. Murphy was sidetracked for almost a year when he was appointed as the lead air crash investigator for the Solomon Islands to investigate the 1991 crash of a Solomon Airlines airplane resulting in the loss of all 15 people on board. aviation safety network

International Film Projects

In 1994, NHK Television  in Japan featured Mr. Murphy in their exceptional film ZERO 3647 after he located the missing Japanese ZERO of Japan’s most famous aviator of the war,  Saburo Sakai.

Sakai had been shot up in the airplane in which he had many of his 64 kills and mad it back to Rabaul. The aircraft was repaired and was shot down east of Henderson Field on Guadalcanal.

Patrick Murphy starred in several current affair type programs aired in Japan until he was asked by the Solomon Islands Prime Minister to consult on sensitive matters of national security concerning Shortland Islands, where Mr. Murphy and his Solomon Island partner had a base of operations on Balalae Island.

“Several years living and working in the Solomon Islands gave me a new perspective on life. It was such a beautiful place, well under-utilised, with remarkably resilient people. Land tenure problems made it hard to move forward with the museum, especially after I had been appointed by the Prime Minister to represent the Solomon Islands in deputations to the US Government. By the time it was finished, the Government in the SI had changed and the new government did not want me to continue.”

Moving Big-Boy Toys Down-Under

Fortunately, Mr. Murphy had been operating through his production company in Australia, Mindbridge Pty Ltd, for some time and hit the ground running on his return to Australia in 1998.

First port of call was Caboolture airport where Mindbridge PL rebuilt aircraft and converted several vehicles from America to right hand drive.

The Club House

Mr. Murphy purchased a 110 acre farm outside Toowoomba Qld in 2000 and moved Mindbridge PL to the new property, which he then developed into a golf course, airport, and studio complex aptly named Aussiewood.

Prime Time

Never one to sit still, Mr. Murphy wanted a way to explore and film in remote Australia and when the Aussiewood property sold to a foreign developer in 2009 Mr. Murphy designed and single handedly built Ultimus Prime.

Life’s a Beach

Ultimus Prime is presently parked near the ocean at Rainbow Beach in Queensland. Tourists stop and take pictures and occasionally get to look inside.

It has become a home base and an excellent location for production work.

“Rainbow Beach has the lowest stress level of any place on the planet I reckon.”

Patrick M. Murphy

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