Fraser Island on the Wide Bay coast north of Brisbane is a world famous Island of sand, mostly National Park, and has only a smattering of roads, sometimes nearly impassable. Some tourists come to the island headed for one of the resorts that are dotted along both coasts but the majority of the 500,000 visitors arrive by barge from Rainbow Beach or Hervey Bay in 4X4’s, pulling campers, tents, fishing poles, and boats. With the only road on the island the beach that surrounds it, vehicles stuck in the sand on a rising tide are a constant source of amusement to the locals and the foreign tourists driving, or even the Sydney-siders, do not know what to do or where to turn.

500,000 visitors eat a lot of food, and whatever goes in must come out. Garbage in – garbage out. Food in – food out. The Heritage listed Island has no sewage treatment plant or land fill anywhere and life would be difficult for everyone if not for two extraordinary brothers from New Zealand, Dean and Wayne Hayes.

Official Trailer

Watch our latest trailer for the highly anticpated new series. Please contact us for more information about this hit reality documentary.


They own Rainbow Recovery Services in Rainbow Beach, the main jumping off point to Fraser Island. From one of their 20-tonne eight-wheel drive garbage trucks to the 6X6 German built MAN J hook trucks they operate, these fellas move garbage, sewage, building supplies, and most everything on and off the island. Breakdowns, rollovers, ship recoveries, and the inevitable 4X4 that gets swallowed up by the ocean are all part of a days work.

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