I have my tech support and editing guru, Zach, here the past few days showing me how to use all these gizmos and whizmos on my Mac Pro’s and it is always an eye opener when he comes to town. While he was here I asked him to help out a friend with setting up an email account. I know what you are saying, how can anyone not do that? Well for all you people under 40, you grew up with all this stuff and all the people my age grew up with carbon paper. When we made a mistake, we had to take time and correct it so we tended to be a lot more careful about what we did back then. It is a lot harder to get your head around making a mistake when you are at a certain age, and my friend is in his seventies, well he is petrified of pressing the wrong button.

We still elected idiots to govern us back in the old carbon paper days, that has not changed, but back then we did not have the recourses to find out how bad they really were and thought the world was just like they told us. People nowadays do not have to worry about making mistakes as that mistake is only one click away from never having existed. If you look at the state of the world today, the politicians are scrambling to protect what we say and hear so that they are still in control. The young people have no fear because they are so used to PRESSING THE RESET BUTTON.

It is such a shock to them when the system does not reset, or the reset is worse than what they want to change.
Interesting times and a great reason to live in a country the size of the USA with a population of south Florida.

Keep it real

Patrick M Murphy

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